Synx is a dojo for data training.
We create data heroes.

How it works

We simplify the processing of large datasets,
allowing fast implementations of artificial intelligence.

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your data

Build a data importer to allow us process your data. We'll take care of the rest.

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Let the model
be trained

Our dojo, automatically preprocess your data, extracting and enhancing features; train it using the most advanced algorithms, and then build ensambles from the best models.

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Use it whenever
you want

We'll provide you with a docker instance ready to deploy and be used anywhere you want.

Transform your current data into a mighty tool that empowers your people to take smarter critical decisions.

Powered by the newest Machine Learning techniques and Deep Neural Networks; which enable computers to Sense (actively perceive the world through acquiring data), Comprehend (analyze and understand data) and Make decisions (emulate how a person takes action based on learned experience) in the way a human would do.

Case Studies

Diabetic Retinopathy

Impact on Healthcare. A case on Diabetic Retinopathy.

Diabetic Retinopathy is a major microvascular complication of diabetes that has a significant impact on the world's health systems. Given a digital dataset of medical eye pictures taken with a slit lamp, Synx allows the identification of abnormalities in patient samples without ever needing the intervention from an optometrist.

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Emotion recognition

Computers that sense you. Emotion recognition.

From detection people emotions based on their facial expressions, to complex biometrics and identification.

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About Us

Synx is powered by a talented team of scientists with a proven expertise, from former university professors and years of experience in academia and research at the most prestigious universities in the country; to top-tier engineers behind development, artificial intelligence implementation and data processing at transnational companies in different industries, such as financial, petrochemical, e-commerce and biotechnology.

Backed by Genesis Capital Ventures, BlueBox Ventures and Angel Ventures Mexico, a graduate of Startup Chile, and currently part of the Hackers/Founders Co-op program in Mexico.

What are you waiting for to become a data hero?